Welcome to Submit Champion Social Bookmark Submitter !

Do you want to submit your site to many social bookmarking sites? Want to save time? Try this simple free solution.

What is Submitchamp.com?

Submit Champion is an easy to use tool to assist in website or blog promotion. Submit Champion brings all the bookmark sites together in one program. So there is no need for you to go from site to site to bookmark your pages. This helps in maximizing your efficiency. Backlinks and traffic are the bread and butter of website promotion. Submitchamp.com offers all this, it's a free service designed to reduce the effort needed to bookmark your websites. Submit champion also stores a history of your past bookmarks so that you can keep stock of your submits. Submit Champion social bookmarking tool also features Adult Bookmark Sites.


Submit Champion runs smoothly on all major web browsers. I use Firefox. But submitchamp runs just as well on IE 7 or Safari. (tip, for those into serious website promotion might want to add the Quake SEO plugin to their Browser tools)

How to use it?:

Click on the help tab in the menu bar for detailed instructions. All you need to do is simply drag this link Submit Champ! submitchamp.com to your bookmarks toolbar, in order to create a submission bookmarklet. When you are on a website that you want to add to your favorite bookmark service, highlight text and then hit the submit champ button on your browsers toolbar.

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